A Riding Connection: Collegiate and the IHSA

Celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary, the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association National Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park from May 4-7, 2017. As a proud sponsor of the IHSA, Collegiate sees both horses and riders as a team, developing together to be the best they can be. From the brushes we use to groom our horse with to the tack we ride in, choosing the right equipment is essential for both horse and rider.

At Collegiate, we’re dedicated to developing products to help you develop the instinctive connection between you and your horse everything you know it can be. We understand this connection better than anyone. First and foremost, we’re riders ourselves, with decades of experience in helping riders and horses work together seamlessly. But beyond that, we design and create products that sit at the very point of connection. Our devotion to creating products that both rider and horses can enjoy and establishing a deeper connection is fundamentally part of who we are. Collegiate saddles are crafted from full-grain European leather that’s now softer than ever, giving a broken-in feel from the very first ride. Whatever your chosen discipline, you can trust that the Collegiate range of saddles and accessories will work together to be a winning combination for you and your horse. 

The IHSA was originally founded on the idea that any college student should be able to ride in horse shows regardless of their financial status or their riding level. By doing so, this has given many young riders the ability to ride and compete as well as build a close community bond with fellow riders. There is a great deal of emphasis on learning, sportsmanship and fun. While competition does play a role, it is the students’ enthusiasm and team spirit that are major factors. At Collegiate, we strongly support the IHSA’s fundamental commitment to these principles and we wish everyone the best of luck at this year’s National Championship.  

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