Jumping Clinic Classics: An Exemplary Crest Release

This rider has her heels down and good contact through her lower leg. Her stirrup length is fine, but she’d make her ankle more supple by turning the iron perpendicular to the girth and touching the outside branch with her little toe.

She’s jumping slightly ahead of her horse?perhaps from bad habit, or perhaps in an effort to catch up to him. Her back is good, both soft and straight, and her eyes and head are up. Her long crest release is exemplary: hands halfway up the horse’s neck, resting and pressing on the neck.

Her horse might lack a little quality in his heavy head, but he shows a kind, alert expression. He’s very good with his front end, although he may swing his legs slightly left. His jump is round, even over this low fence, and his length behind the saddle suggests he has the scope to jump with ease.

Reprinted from the August 1987 issue of Practical Horseman magazine. Is this photo of you? Email [email protected], and we’ll identify you!

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