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Beezie Madden critiques a rider's position.
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First impression: This horse is quite a good jumper—generous over the fence. The rider needs to adjust her leg to better stay with his motion, but I’m being a little critical in my comments because she has a nice feel.

Jumping Clinic 3 Summer 2020

Leg/Seat: Her leg has slid forward a bit, and that’s caused her seat to be farther back. I’d like to see her leg just behind the girth, and then her seat will be able to go over the pommel a little. This will help her be with his motion better.

Release: She is giving her horse nice freedom of his head and neck, but she’s doing that by opening her fingers because she is behind his motion. If she fixes her leg and seat, she won’t have to open her fingers because she will be better able to give with her arms.

Upper body: In addition to opening her fingers, she has roached her back to keep up with her horse’s motion. If her seat were a little farther forward, her back could be flatter and she could still give the horse enough release.

Horse: Although he is not classic in front with his knees up, I like that he’s almost even. He looks to have good push off the ground and that his hind end is going to follow through nicely. He has a very good bascule. He has a snaffle in his mouth and no martingale, so it looks as if he’s very well-trained or a good guy just going around.

Turnout: The turnout of the horse is clean and nice. I’m not a big fan of all the color—I like a white saddle pad and I don’t favor colored boots—but that’s personal preference. As far as safety and cleanliness, the turnout is excellent.

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