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Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden

Beezie critiques a horse and rider.
2 Fall Tilly Berendt

Overall: I love this rider’s angles.

Leg: Her heel, the placement of her foot in the stirrup and the angle in her knee look excellent. I like the contact she has in the back of her calf. She has some contact with her knee but she’s not pinching with it.

Seat: Her solid base of support allows her to have the correct hip angle and excellent balance. She’s right with the motion of the horse.

Release: Her balance allows her short, almost automatic release to be very good as far as effectiveness with the horse. The only thing I would criticize is that her elbows stick out and her wrists are cocked.

Upper body: Her back is flat but not stiff and her eyes are up and looking to go to the next fence. She could have a little truer connection if her elbows stayed closer to her sides and if her wrists were straighter. Sometimes I think riders compensate for too long a rein by cocking their wrists and turning their elbows out like this, but I can’t really say that from just looking at a photo.

Horse: He has a very nice expression—it looks as if he’s looking to the next fence. He’s relaxed in his back. Even though he’s not classically tight in front, he looks very comfortable and athletic and like he has scope.

Turnout: This is more in the flavor of eventing than show jumping. But the horse has a beautiful coat and the tack looks clean. Everything seems to fit properly. 

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