Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden

Beezie critiques a rider's position.
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3 Melanie Carl No Credit

Overall: My first impression is that there is a lot going on for a small fence. The rider looks aggressive and effective, but she maybe needs to focus a little more on the polish. Both horse and rider look forward-going, which I like.

Leg: Her leg has slid back so the angles in her knee and hip are too closed especially for the size of the fence. The stirrup position on her foot is almost what we would call “home”—I’d like to see it more on the ball of her foot. This would enable her to use the stirrup a little more as a base of support and allow her to keep her leg in a more secure position.

Release: This short crest release is nice, right into the neck of the horse. Her elbows are out a little bit, but her wrists are good.

Upper body: It looks as if her eyes are looking down a little, which goes with the hip angle being too closed and her weight being thrown down onto the horse’s neck. I’d like to see her eye level up, supporting her own body more.

Horse: He looks like a fine, capable jumper. He’s not classic in front, but he might already be unfolding in the photo. His expression is nice.

Turnout: The horse looks to be healthy. He has a nice coat. I’d like to see more polish in the turnout. I’m not a fan of the white boots on the horse—they’re always hard to make look good. Also the rider’s boots could be cleaner and more polished.

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