Rider Position-Strengthening Exercise

Learn how to "half-halt" on a trampoline to improve your position, balance and control in the saddle.

Practice this exercise on a regular-sized trampoline. If you don’t have access to one, visualize the exercise in your mind, especially during downward transitions.

1. Standing in the center of the trampoline with her shoulders balanced over her hips and arms straight out in front, Mount Holyoke junior Katerina Alvarez gently bends and straightens her knees to start bouncing. Keeping her head balanced over her shoulders and staying relaxed in her ankle, knee and hip joints, she jumps as high as she possibly can.

Tracy Emanuel

2. Then she does a “half-halt”: Staying relaxed in her feet and flexible in her ankles, knees and hips, she stops bouncing as quickly as possible without losing her balance. If she stiffens her body, she’ll just bounce higher. If she tucks a little bit forward or tips any direction, she’ll fall.

Tracy Emanuel

When you try this, simulate different position errors to see how they affect your balance (e.g., sink too much weight into your heels, causing your feet to stick out in front of you, which will instantly toss you onto your behind).

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