Video: Jim Toon’s System for Spooky Jumps

Top rider and trainer Jim Toon shows you how to teach your horse to jump scary new fences with confidence. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

Do you worry about “bogey” jumps–those unusual-looking fences that you’re not sure your horse has ever seen before? Do you trust him to canter confidently up to them, or do you fear he might spook? Today’s hunter, equitation and jumper course designers are becoming more and more creative with colors, textures and shapes of fences–and yet the quality of horses is so impressive now, and judges’ expectations are so high, that any little dodge right or left in front of a spooky jump or slight overjump will land you out of the ribbons. Even if you only go to occasional local shows or don’t plan to show at all, the more accustomed your horse is to facing new scenarios, the more confident and secure you both will feel in everything you do.

Learn the theory behind Jim’s system in this video by Amy Katherine Dragoo.

To learn more about how to introduce your horse to scary fences, see Jim’s article “Spook No More!” in the September 2008 issue of Practical Horseman. You can also read variations of the exercises he introduces in Jump Scary New Fences with Confidence.

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