Webinar: Prepare to Show with Anne Kursinski

**Please note: audio starts immediately and video starts a few minute in.

Planning for your first show of the year, you may have questions about the best way to prepare. Who better to advise you than five-time Olympian Anne Kursinski? In this one-hour webinar, Anne will help you get from home, through the in-gate and to your final circle.

With guidelines for hunters, jumpers and equitation riders, Anne will cover at-home preparations, equipment and show-day necessities. You’ll hear about strategies to learn the course as well as mental-preparation techniques, warm-up plans and helpful performance hints.

Five-time Olympian and two-time Olympic silver medalist Anne Kursinski is one of the United States’ most accomplished and respected show-jumping athletes. Anne has also represented the U.S. at three World Equestrian Games. She trains and teaches out of her facility, Market Street, in New Jersey.

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