5 Videos to Watch for a Well-rounded Warm-up

Get the most out of your warm-up with instruction from Practical Horseman OnDemand trainers.

Your warm-up is an important time to see how your horse is feeling, decide what you need to work on for the day, and is the foundation of your ride. Subscribe to Practical Horseman OnDemand and check out the Create a Well-Rounded Warm-Up playlist for some inspiration on how to get the most out of your warm-up.

  1. Indoor Equitation Course Warm-up Over Fences: Top equitation trainer Stacia Madden explains how she prepares her students for indoor classes. She considers this warm-up like a schooling session prior to the show.
  2. Preliminary Trot Fences Warm-up: International five-star eventer William Fox-Pitt finds trotting a crossrail beneficial for the horse’s footwork to be jumping from a short distance with no speed.
  3. Jumping Warm-up: Olympian Anne Kursinski has riders canter a crossrail with the knot in the reins to help keep a steady contact and allow them to easily follow the motion of the horse.
  4. Warm-up Over a Vertical and Oxer: FEI Grand Prix jumper Kama Godek coaches a rider warming up over a vertical and oxer on a large circle, a repeatable exercise.
  5. Equitation Warm-up On the Flat: Stacia has the riders do a brief warm-up that gets the horses adjustable forward and back in preparation for their equitation classes.

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