School of Life Lessons: Kids, Ponies & Turtles

Not just a pony trainer to the stars, Charlie Moorcroft instills confidence with his positive style—while also sharing his passion for wildlife.

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Bertram Allen Is Brilliant in $401,000 Lugano Diamonds Grand Prix CSI*****

Bertram Allen and Pacino Amiro are the fastest of five in the jump-off to capture the Grand Prix CSI***** at WEF.

Elizabeth Levi Winter 2020 No Credit

Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden

Beezie critiques a rider's position over fences and shares suggestions for improvements.

BikeWheelie Solutions

Solutions: How To Achieve an Uphill Half-Halt

Visualize how to achieve an uphill half-halt with this tip from Grand Prix rider Chrissa Hoffmann

Freestyle Dressage 1.21

How to Select Music for A Dressage Freestyle

Learn how to select music for your freestyle by determining your horse's beats per minute at walk, trot and canter.

Responsive to Leg Facebook

How Do I Make My Horse More Responsive to My Legs?

Hunter trainer, clinician and judge Anne Kenan offers solutions for a reader-submitted question about a horse who is dull to the leg aids

Jumping Clinic Spring 2021 1

Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden

Beezie offers commentary of a horse and rider in a photo and a video.

Giulianelli - Photo Critique

Enhance Collection with Positive Tension

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques a horse and rider and offers suggestions for position improvements.

Thinking Horseman Winter 2020

… But Look How Far You’ve Come

A reflection on the journey from the rider I used to be to the one I dream to become

Vet On Call Winter 2020

Shivers in Sporthorses

Potential causes and effects of this ill-defined movement disorder


2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Five-Star Is Back On

The recently cancelled 2021 LRK3DE CCI*****-L is back on after successful fundraising effort.

FishLine solutions

Solutions: How To Feel Correct Contact

Visualize how to feel correct contact with this tip from Mica Mabragaña

Michael Bragdell Rein Back 1 PRC-20-0911-AD4b-144

Backing for Beginners

Teach your horse to rein back with this simple, in-hand technique.

LRK3DE Oliver Townend_2019

Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Seeking Donations to Hold 2021 CCI*****-L

LRK3DE hoping to raise $750,000 by Feb. 7 to be able to run the CCI*****-L this year.

MichaelJung_Fischerrocana_Kentucky_2018–Dragoo copy

Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Cancels 2021 Five-Star Event

Event organizers are looking to hold other competitions at the Kentucky Horse Park without spectators instead of LRK3DE.

Horse Vision 2

Equine Depth Perception

Understanding how your horse sees the world and how it applies to his training

8 Col Carde Contact carde_3403

Techniques to Improve Contact

Three exercises with Col. Christian Carde

Eventer with Kissing Spines

Competitive Success with Kissing Spines

With the right management, this disorder doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your horse’s performance career.

1_Allyson Harrison ESI Jumping Clinic

Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden

Beezie critiques a rider's position over fences and shares suggestions to improve leg position.