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Phillip Dutton and Quasi Cool Win CCI4*S at Plantation Field International

Dutton claimed the win followed by Buck Davidson in second and Fylicia Barr in third.


To Sit or Not to Sit?

Trainer and clinician Bernie Traurig ­discusses the four riding seats and when to use each one on course.


Ask a Pro Q #2 with Samantha Burton Henley

We asked featured pro Sam, what her "olympic level" four major tips are when it comes to grooming and horse care, whether you're a local horse show circuit or coast to coast competitor.

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Jumping Clinic

Beezie Madden critiques a horse-and-rider pair over fences.


Jumping Clinic

Beezie Madden offers commentary on a show jumping round in a photo and a video.

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Master Different Canters • Soundness Check

Learn about different types of canters and assess your horse’s physical state.


Help Your Horse Regain His Balance After the Jump

Hunter/jumper trainer and rider Patrick Spanton shares a simple exercise for softer, smoother efforts over fences.


Practical Horseman Podcast: Kayleigh Davenport

SmartPaker Kayleigh Davenport walks us through her preparation for the world's longest and toughest race—the Mongol Derby—and gets advice from Mongol Derby veteran, Jocelyn Pierce.

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Cross-Country Schooling Strategies • Senior Horse Tips

Identify goals to make the most of your cross-country schooling. Plus, special considerations for the senior performance horse.


4 Health Issues to Watch For

Keep your horse at his best this summer by protecting him from heat, sun and bugs.


Ask a Pro Sam Burton Henley Q1: Horse Care Grooming Tips

We asked our features professional Sam, master groom, instructor and Equine Business Management Training Center program administrator, how she streamlines clipping her horses', how to keep tails untangled, and keeping dusty off your horses' coats.

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Absorbine Ask a Pro: Samantha Burton Henley

We asked our featured professional Samantha Burton Henley, whom is master groom, riding instructor and Program Administrator for Equine Management Training Center - what her grooming and horse health care strategies are. Brought to you from our friends at Absorbine.

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Build a Strong Base of Support

Learn six exercises that will help you improve your performance by developing your base of support.

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Build Confidence in a Jumper Rider

A jumper coach shares a series of exercises to challenge you at home and prepare you for the competition arena.

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Practical Horseman Extra: 2 Exercises for a Better Hunter Round • 8 Grooming Tips

Judge and hunter rider Tom Brennan helps you wow the judge. Plus, eight tips to a beautifully groomed horse.

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55 Tips to Catch the Judge's Attention

Two USEF judges share insights to help you and your horse shine when you step into the show ring.

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Practical Horseman Podcast Transcript: The Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy

Hear from Erin Brown, the Executive Director at the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy (PURA)—a nonprofit organization created to preserve the life, legacy and culture of Black urban cowboys in the city of Philadelphia.