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5 Exercises with Margie Engle

Engle’s takeaway to the winner of a clinic contest and 10 barn mates: Use more leg.

Exercises to Try Now

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Use the Off Season To Plan for Improvement • How To Keep Your Horse Hydrated During the Winter

Olympian Jim Wofford offers a plan to keep your horse fit during the off season. Plus, a veterinarian answers a reader’s question about keeping horses hydrated during the winter.


US Equestrian Looks to Spread More Joy

Initiatives to expand inclusivity, outreach and membership were highlighted at the 2022 U.S. Equestrian Federation’s annual meeting.


The Equine Network Continues Expansion, Acquires The Horse

The Equine Network has acquired leading equine health care resources The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care and

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How to Jump a Corner: Proper Preparation

Learning to jump a corner fence takes practice and preparation in more ways than one.


Practical Horseman Podcast: Carrie Kehring

Meet Carrie Kehring, the creator of the #WeRideTogether, and learn about the campaign.


Ask A Pro Samantha Burton Henley Q3: Protecting a Shiny Coat and Hooves

We asked Sam, how she protects her horse's shiny coats and hoof health when she opts to keep them turned out as much as possible.


When 1+1 Is Greater Than 2

Musings on the unique chemistry of horse and rider

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Improving Self-Carriage and Self-Confidence

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze examines a horse and rider and gives tips to improve self-carriage and self-confidence.


The Low-Down on Jumper Warm-Ups • Dry Your Damp Horse in the Winter

Two jumper trainers explain how a good warm-up plan can maximize your performance in the ring. Plus, a veterinarian shares how to dry your damp horse on a cold winter day.

CCI5 Star, Dressage, M5S 2021, Photo by Julia Murphy

Practical Horseman Podcast: Maryland 5 Star Rider Interviews

On this episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, hear from riders who competed at the inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill.


All About Joints

Take an inside look at the structures that power motion to help your horse stay sound.


Jumping Clinic: The Power of the Crest Release

Beezie Madden reviews a video of a horse and rider over fences.


Johnny's Journey

A rescued Thoroughbred gets a happy ending even though the adventure has not gone exactly to plan.


Jumping Clinic: Hip Angle

Beezie Madden explains how a too-closed hip angle can affect the rest of a rider's position.


Navicular and Ringbone: A Step in the Right Direction

While these two common conditions can end equine careers, modern diagnostics and treatment—plus careful management—can offer hope.


Jumping Clinic: Relaxed Elbows Versus Turned-Out Too Far

Beezie Madden explains how a rider's elbows being turned out can effect the line from the horse's mouth to the elbow.