Nonverbal Cues with Amy Millar

Learn from Canadian Olympian Amy Millar how understanding your horse's body language can help train your horse.

Canadian Olympian Amy Millar talks about how people communicate with their horses through nonverbal cues – basically body language. If you can understand your horse’s body language, then you can better understand your horse and that will ultimately help you in your training. Watch the video below to get tips from Millar on what to look for and some of the nonverbal cues she uses with her horse.

About Amy Millar

As the daughter of Olympian and Canadian legend Ian Millar, Amy Millar was born into equestrian sport, riding horses at an early age on the family farm. Training alongside her father and older brother Jonathon, she also found her niche as a show jumper. In 2015 she began competing with Heros. In 2000, she made history with her father and brother at the Spruce Meadows Masters tournament in Calgary as they became the first family of three to compete for a Canadian Nations Cup team.The pair were Canada’s top performers at the 2016 Nations Cup in Ocala, Florida. Millar and Heros made their Olympic debut at Rio 2016 where they were part of Canada’s fourth place finish in the team event, losing a jump-off for bronze to Germany.

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