Santa Fe Spray with Cayden Hill

Santa Fe Spray is Cayden Hill's favorite product from the Absorbine lineup. Watch this video to find out how he uses it when grooming.

Santa Fe Spray is Cayden Hill’s favorite product from the Absorbine lineup. Watch this video to find out when he uses Santa Fe Spray, how he uses it and what he and his demo horse Shadow love so much about it.

Cayden Hill

Cayden Hill was introduced to horses through his mother. He grew up riding ponies and doing some showing, but for many years it was a hobby rather than a career. His original profession was team building in consulting and operations management. When he decided to take a break from corporate life, he connected with Jonathan and Kelly Millar and started at Millar Brooke South in 2021. There he wears many hats, including help coordinating the horses, managing staff, and grooming and riding numerous horses. His philosophy of horse care always comes down to “horses first.”

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