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Leslie Threlkeld


Understanding Equine Metabolic Syndrome

This serious disorder means a major lifestyle change for affected horses.

Katie Bryant and EM Aquataine with Andreas Dibowski

Andreas Dibowski’s Principles of Cross-Country Riding

This German Olympic gold medalist tells clinic riders to focus on riding forward in balance—not on the distance—for a safer jump.


To Shoe or Not to Shoe?

Determine whether to shoe your horse or let him go barefoot based on his individual needs.


To Blanket or Not?

A few simple rules will help you decide which blanket to choose when.


Equine First-Aid Essentials

Be prepared to manage a minor injury or stabilize a serious wound with a well-stocked and accessible emergency first-aid kit.

Being Ridden

Relax! How to Battle Everyday Horse Stressors

Make your horse’s environment as natural as possible and maintain a consistent management routine to keep him healthy and happy.

Mike Smallwood_USEA Convention

Mike Smallwood Volunteers to Give Back

Lifelong horseman Mike Smallwood was honored with the U.S. Eventing Association Volunteer of the Year Award for his dedication to the sport.


To Ease the Stress of Estrus

For better behavior and performance, consider treatments and management techniques when dealing with a mare’s heat-related issues.


Get a Grip on Headshaking Syndrome

Manage this cranial-nerve disorder to give your horse a better quality of life.

sinus article

Equine Sinus Disease: A Hidden Danger

Improve your awareness of the telltale signs of equine sinus disease so you can react quickly to resolve major issues.


10 Blanketing Tips from Top Groom Emma Ford

To keep your horse warm and safe in winter, adopt the tried-and-true practices of a pro.


Combating Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, is an irreversible condition, but careful management of symptoms will keep your horse moving freely.

repiratory opener

Deep Breath: Equine Respiratory Disease

Whether your horse is playing in the field or flying high over fences, his airway function is critical to peak performance and overall health.


Beneath the Surface of Rain Rot

Learn about this common contagious bacterial skin disease called dermatophilosis, where treatment is critical and prevention is often a matter of good hygiene.

Finding Rhythm, Balance and Control promo image

Finding Rhythm, Balance and Control

Riders at a clinic with Great Britain’s four-star eventer Francis Whittington work on getting their horses to think for themselves.