Summer Reading for Iceland

Summer is approaching, and we are getting ready to travel again. That means that I am reading up on horses around the world, particularly at this point, in Iceland.

If you are looking for some summer reading or reading for your Icelandic riding vacation, I can recommend a couple of books. I am currently half way through “A Good Horse Has No Color” by Nancy Marie Brown. This book gives great insight into the Icelandic Horse and how horses fit into the landscape and community. I am enjoying it and learning a lot.

My friends in Iceland have recommended “The Icelandic Horse” by Gisli B. Bjornsson and Hjalti Jon Sveinsson. I have been told that it is very comprehensive. It’s pretty pricey too, but I was told that it is worth it. Now I just have to figure out how to order it in time.

If anyone else has summer reading suggestions, please post them.

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