Wild Horse Roundups by BLM

While filming the Equitrekking Wyoming episode for our Public TV series, I was able to observe the wild mustangs at McCullough Peaks outside of Cody. It was an amazing and humbling experience to see these beautiful horses running free, and one that I’ll never forget.

Below are a few of the many recent articles, websites and videos that help shed light on what’s happening to America’s Wild Horses. If anyone has other good sources, please post them below.

People Magazine: Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow Cry Out for Wild Horses, Jan 15, 2010

Investigative video series on what’s happening to the wild mustangs in Nevada. “Stampede to Oblivion” Chief Investigative Reporter George Knapp and Chief Photojournalist Matt Adams. You can watch this online.

Listing of recent news related to the roundups from the IDA website.

Madeleine Pickens website and proposal to help the horses. Madeleine Pickens is the wife of Billionaire T. Boone Pickens. She has a proposal to build a sanctuary for the horses. From this site’s homepage, you can click to Take Action Now.

Cornell Vet Raises Health Concerns for Captured BLM Mustangs Written by Steven Long, Author and Editor/Publisher of Horseback Magazine.

Discover Magazine article on Nevada Roundup

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