Rider to Rider: Which three words best describe your equestrian life, and why?

Practical Horseman readers share the terms that characterize their horse worlds.

Busy, fun-filled, amazing!
River Shannon, via Facebook

? Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

Fulfilling, challenging, fun.
Carolyn F. Paddock, Ohio

Fun, absorbing, therapeutic.
Laurel Littrell, Kansas

Busy, rewarding, joyful.
Barnfly Stables & Tack, Tennessee

Gallop, bareback, amazing
Alexandra Burkett, Kansas

Frustrating, joyful, rewarding, loving. (Sorry I needed four.)
Patti Hallock, Colorado

Committed, consistent, compassionate.
DiAnne Brown, California

Empowering (because horses took a shy kid and made her into a vibrant woman), healing (because horses were my reason to get up in the morning while I battled severe depression) and helping (I can use my horses to help others heal as well!).
Trisha Swift, via Facebook

Fast, Happy, Joyous
Cassie Tiburzi Bishop, via Facebook

Revived, rewarding, uplifting!

I revived my equestrian life 2.5 years ago after giving it up 25 years ago for some reason I can’t fathom even to this day. My thanks to Stella P. for giving me the opportunity to work for lessons when I had lost my job, and starting me on my equestrian revival path! I don’t have my own horse but am fortunate enough to get to ride a BEAUTIFUL Selle Fran?ais whose owner lives out of the country.

It’s so rewarding to see the progress we’ve made together to the point of doing well at small local shows, even though I only ride once a week. I learn so much I forget the horse is also learning, and to have his owner remark he’s like a “finely tuned machine” now thanks to the “work” my trainer and I have put into lessons was the BEST reward.

Riding is uplifting to me in so many ways – the “hello” nicker, the horse smell when I hug his neck, finally getting a new challenge right, spending time with barn friends, and just having something that I love to look forward to each week. Nothing like some horse therapy to lift your spirits! At 47 years old, riding is a bit more of a challenge physically, but the pleasure it brings far outweighs the aches and pains! 🙂
Laurie Swick Towler, via Facebook

Read more answers to this question in the September 2012 issue of Practical Horseman magazine.

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