Practical Horseman Podcast: Mavis Spencer

On this episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, hear from top show jumper Mavis Spencer.

This week’s episode, brought to you by Bimeda, is with top show jumper, Mavis Spencer.

Co-host Julia Murphy caught up with Mavis at the 2022 Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, where she competed in the $250,000 Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon among many other top jumper classes. Its first year back since a hiatus due to COVID-19, the Devon show grounds were buzzing with excitement, as was Mavis, because it was her first time showing at Devon herself. 

Based out of California, Mavis doesn’t make it to the East Coast often, but she found her way to Pennsylvania after qualifying for the Grand Prix of Devon. 

During the conversation, you’ll hear the goings-on of the Devon Horse Show in the background while Mavis tells the story of how she became interested in horses and how she thinks her close relationships with her mounts contributes to her success. Mavis also explains how she handles show nerves and how she’s often starstruck when she’s competing against athletes like McLain Ward, Eric Navet and her former employer, Kent Farrington. 

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