Practical Horseman Podcast: 2023 Capital Challenge Horse Show

This special episode features highlight interviews with top finishers at the Capital Challenge Horse Show.

This special episode, sponsored by Cosequin®, features highlight interviews from top finishers at the Capital Challenge Horse Show. The show was held September 28–October 8, 2023 at Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

The episode includes conversations with top riders from four of the competition’s major finals. The riders talk about their rides and their horses. We also asked some of them what their favorite training exercises are. The riders include:

John French, winner of the WCHR Professional Challenge. French shares how if he’s having a bad day, he’ll go on the trails with Babylon and “have conversations.” This is the third consecutive year that French and Babylon have won this competition.

Nick Haness, who placed second behind John in the WCHR Professional Challenge. Haness rode Queen Celeste in the competition. He says that while he doesn’t have a go-to exercise, he believes the most important thing is to keep horses happy.

Kate Conover, winner of the WCHR Pro Finals. She shares a touching story about how after her brother passed away earlier this year, she’s changed her focus so she’s riding now more for her family.

Halie Robinson, winner the WCHR Developing Pro Challenge. Robinson offers two of her favorite training exercises, one of which is the “Circle of Death.”

Tessa Downey, winner of the North American JR Equitation Championship. Downey explains a riding challenge, which focuses on maintaining pace around a course. She shares how she knew she had to fix the issue on course in the first round.

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Coverage sponsored by Cosequin®