Practical Horseman Podcast: Elisa Wallace

Five-star eventer and mustang trainer Elisa Wallace shares her personal experience and expertise on the American mustang.

This week’s episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, sponsored by the Mustang Classic, is with five-star eventer and mustang trainer, Elisa Wallace.

When Elisa was first exposed to the American mustang in 2012, a friend had signed her up for a mustang makeover. Training a mustang had been on Elisa’s bucket list and she figured it would be a good opportunity to showcase her skills. But at the end of that makeover, Elisa was hooked and couldn’t imagine separating from her first mustang, Fledge.

Fast forward to 2024 and Elisa has been training mustangs for over a decade, and calls five of them her own. She has become well known for her mustang expertise and advocates for the versatile horses every day. But the average horseperson doesn’t know much about the American mustang. How do you buy or adopt one? Where do they come from? How do you train them? What disciplines are they good for? 

In this episode, Elisa answers all of those questions and more, and shares her personal experience with mustangs.

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