Practical Horseman Podcast: Geoff Teall

This episode is with respected hunter and equitation judge Geoff Teall, who shares his thoughts on what makes a winning round.

This week’s episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast is with respected hunter and equitation judge, trainer and rider Geoff Teall. It is sponsored by sponsored by Sentinel. In the episode, Geoff shares his insights on what he looks for when judging hunter and equitation rounds. Additionally, he explains the qualities of both horse and rider that make a winning trip. “Judging from the positive” is a term he uses. It explains how he’s looking for the round that’s special to win. In other words, this is a trip that has a little something extra, as opposed to a round with no mistakes in it. “Extra,” for example, includes having a horse who looks like he’s enjoying jumping. Furthermore, Geoff also shares about how the industry may be scaring off judges, who increasingly face very public criticism and second-guessing on social media.

Geoff Teall’s Background

Geoff earned his U.S. Equestrian Federation big R judging license and has judged prestigious competitions. These include the Pessoa/USEF National Hunter Seat Medal Finals and several ASPCA Maclay National Championship Regional Finals. They also include the Washington International Horse Show Equitation Finals, the USEF Pony Finals and the New England Equitation Championships, to name a few. He’s based in Wellington, Florida. There he runs a riding, showing and boarding operation, training young riders and adults with Charlie Moorcroft.

A Word From This Episode’s Sponsor

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Feature photo by Amy K. Dragoo: Geoff Teall (left) and Bill Moroney judging at the 2012 Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg.