Practical Horseman Podcast: Kevin Keane

This week’s episode of is with veterinarian and top-level eventer, Kevin Keane.

This week’s episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, sponsored by Practical Horseman OnDemand, is with veterinarian and top-level eventer, Kevin Keane.  

Keane has successfully combined work and play—as a vet and avid equestrian, Keane has the best of both worlds. In his career, he cares for horses at his practice, Sports Medicine Associates, and in his personal life, he’s a competitive eventer and horse lover. He’s the all-around horse person, surrounded by the thing he loves the most at all times.  

Keane grew up on a farm in Illinois where he quickly became the one who loved to take care of the horses and other animals. That passion continued through his youth and high school years, and he worked hard through college to make it to vet school. After his undergraduate, Keane was accepted to and attended vet school at the University of Illinois.  

Throughout those years while he was in school, he filled his summers and holidays with riding as much as he could and educated himself on the sport. Years later, international eventer Phillip Dutton moved to the United States and Keane became his vet and very good friend. Dutton suggested that Keane pick up eventing because he thought the sport would be manageable with his busy life as a vet, and the rest was history.  

Not only is Keane a successful and tenured vet, he has also competed up to the five-star level and has conquered top-level events such as the Kentucky Three-Day.  

During the conversation, Keane goes into depth about his history as both a vet and a rider and discusses how he manages to balance his career and his life as an equestrian. He also offers great tips for amateurs who are juggling the same work/life balance that he has experienced.  

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