Practical Horseman Podcast: Liz Reader

Get to know Practical Horseman's 2023 Trainer of the Year, Liz Reader.

This week’s episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, sponsored by Cosequin, is with Practical Horseman’s 2023 Trainer of the Year, Liz Reader.

Practical Horseman’s Trainer of the Year, Liz Reader
Courtesy, Liz Reader

Liz was named the 2023 Practical Horseman Trainer of the Year in recognition for her outstanding contributions to the equine industry as a trainer and coach. The Practical Horseman Trainer of the Year Program is designed to honor the unsung heroes of our sport—trainers who work tirelessly to improve the education of both riders and horses. Entrants were nominated by an individual to be entered into the contest, and out of all the trainers nominated, 10 finalists were selected, with one earning the title of Trainer of the Year.   

Liz’s dedication, positivity and excellence in the art of training and horsemanship at her Pair of Aces Stables in Reno, Nevada, has helped her inspire and educate riders for years. To ensure her students are as well-versed in riding as they are horsemanship, Liz conducts a year-round horsemanship academy to teach the fundamentals to everyone who steps into her stable. As a rider and competitor herself, Liz is well-versed in both dressage and hunter/jumpers. She believes that lessons from each discipline can be applied to one another to create a more well-rounded education for both herself and her students.  

Liz also works as an educator and supporter in her local equestrian community. As president of her local horse show association, Liz assists all the trainers in the area with their clinics, horse shows and businesses. At a time when many farms and agricultural properties are being developed into housing, Liz remains committed to her horses and the popular old farm that provides summer camps for children and hosts local horse shows. 

In this episode, get to know Practical Horseman’s 2023 Trainer of the Year and learn how and why Liz earned the title.

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