Practical Horseman Podcast: Lucy Davis and Clementine Goutal

This month, the Practical Horseman Podcast interviews Lucy Davis and Clementine Goutal about their fun show jumping fantasy game, Prixview.

Welcome to the Practical Horseman Podcast, featuring conversations with respected riders, industry leaders and horse-care experts. The show is co-hosted by Practical Horseman editors, and our goal is to inform, educate and inspire. I’m Sandy Oliynyk, and this week’s episode is with two horse tech businesswomen, Olympic show jumper Lucy Davis and show jumper Clementine Goutal.

This was a really fun, informative and forward-thinking conversation. In addition to Lucy’s riding accomplishments, she is the founder of Prixview, a new equine data collection and gaming company. Clementine is the company’s director of strategy and partnerships. The idea of Prixview is to bring more exposure and engagement to the sport of show-jumping. It also will educate, build a community and inspire fun.


Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis and Barron representing the USA at the 2015 World Cup Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.
© Amy K. Dragoo

Lucy started the company in April 2021, creating the software platform and hiring data journalists, who watched previous competitions to collect information on each horse-and-rider pair. The types of data they collected and are now collecting looks at details such as the footing type, the course designer, who hit what fence, whether the horse hit the fence with his front or hind legs and from what lead he was approaching the fence.

Prixview took that data and used it to develop its free-to-play fantasy game, which launched over the winter. In this game, users are placing predictions on real show-jumping events. There are two prediction formats—head-to-head matchups where you predict if one top-level rider will outperform another or whether a certain rider will have more or less of the projected number of faults. And if you do well, you can win cash.

You can base your predictions on anything you like—from favorite horse or rider, or you can benefit from Prixview’s detailed analytics. Even top riders like Laura Kraut are playing—of course not in classes she’s actually riding!

Lucy and Clementine are hoping that the more data users have about horse-and-rider combinations, the more interested they’ll become in the sport and the athletes. Two other main points are the importance of how the data can be used to influence horse-and-rider welfare and their interest in promoting women in horse technology. They talk about all of this in our discussion.

Lucy Davis and Clementine Goutal

To give you a little more background on Lucy and Clementine, Lucy earned an Olympic team silver medal in 2016. She also earned a team bronze medal at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. She received a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in Engineering, Architecture and founded PonyApp out of school in 2015.

Clementine Goutal and Darlon van Groenhove
© Amy K. Dragoo

Clementine is a lifelong rider who attended Brown University and shortly after graduating started a tutoring company, Upper Echelon Academy, for students balancing riding and academics as well as non-riding students. Additionally, she graduated from Columbia Business School in 2021. Her sister is grand prix show jumper Brianne Goutal-Marteau, who was the first junior rider to win all four major equitation championships in 2004 and 2005. Clementine says Brianne has been an inspiration for each step in her journey.

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