Practical Horseman Podcast: Will Faudree

On this episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, hear from international five-star eventer Will Faudree.

This week’s episode, brought to you by Bimeda, is with international five-star eventer, Will Faudree

At the 2022 Carolina International, Practical Horseman caught up with Will and spoke to him at his stalls, so you’ll hear the goings-on of the event in the background. 

During our conversation, Will told the story of his upbringing on a cattle ranch in Texas and how he actually started out riding western. Later down the line, Will was inspired watching the 1988 Olympics and then watched a movie about eventing called Sylvester and never looked back.

He speaks about his late mount, Antigua, who he calls his horse of a lifetime, as well as some of his biggest mentors. You’ll also hear Will share tidbits from his lessons with students and how he uses visualization to teach—a tool many riders, including myself, find very helpful.

One of my favorite parts of our conversation, which you heard a part of in the intro, is when Will talked about how he doesn’t necessarily remember wins, he remembers rides. I think this is something we can all relate to, because sometimes it doesn’t matter if you ribbon, but you come off the course or out of the ring knowing that you and your horse had one hell of a ride and that all of your hard work came to fruition.

And finally, Will goes into the importance of defining your values and sticking to them, because it’s easy to get pulled in another direction.

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