Become a Self-Confident Leader for Your Horse • Sporthorse Nutrition Know-How

Sharon White shares exercises to build communication with your horse using simple, time-tested tools. Plus, learn about the different fuel sources needed to support your horse’s workload.
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International five-star eventer Sharon White says that in the competitive partnership that is your relationship with your horse, there needs to be a leader and that leader must be you.

In this issue, White:

  • explains that the key to communicating with your horse, figuring out what he needs and letting him know what you want—in other words, making yourself the leader—is always the same: education and repetition.
  • shares mounted and unmounted exercises that help build confidence for both you and your horse.

PLUS, Katie Young, PhD, explains horses’ basic energy requirements, breaks down how horses utilize feed in their bodies and discusses how to feed different disciplines.

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