Boyd Martin Clinic, PLUS Colic & Weather

The Olympic eventer works with riders to focus on rhythm, balance and position. BONUS: Tips to adjust your horse’s routine in variable weather to avoid colic.

From the Practical Horseman archives: Olympian and double Pan-American gold medalist Boyd Martin shared tips with the winner of the Practical Horseman and Dressage Today’s Win A Day Clinic with Boyd and Silva Martin, Daphne Soares. Joining her at the clinic was her son and six friends, who trailered their horses to the Martin’s stable, Windurra, in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

Training tips Boyd Martin gave include:

• Adjust your galloping position at the standstill, so you are balanced over your horse’s withers and shoulders instead of his back. “Don’t do the ‘saddle clunk,’” Martin said. “You don’t want to fall back and the clunk into the saddle, and while you’re galloping, you don’t want your seat resting on the back of the saddle.”

• Make sure your horse reacts to your aids. “When you touch the horses with your leg or spur, they should go,” he said. “They’re all a little unreactive to the leg, and if you don’t have that on cross country, it’s dangerous. … In the warm-up, it’s always important to work on your horse reacting to your leg.”

BONUS IN THIS ISSUE: Learn how to adjust your horse’s routine when weather changes drastically to avoid chances of colic. 

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Practical Horseman Podcast: Boyd Martin
Practical Horseman Podcast: Boyd Martin
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