Improve Rideability and Braiding How-To

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competitive show season has not gotten off the ground for many riders. Some competitions are slowly starting to reopen, but many riders are spending more time at their barns. We want to share two articles to help improve your horsemanship in the saddle and out while you’re at home. One includes a jumping exercise to improve your horse’s rideability; the other teaches you step-by-step how to braid your horse’s mane.

Here are more details:

• Top equitation and hunter/jumper trainer Frank Madden shares his favorite jumping exercise to increase your horse’s adjustability and responsiveness for smoother rounds.

• Pro braider Jennie Vigliano shares tips on how to create picture-perfect hunter braids that will enhance your horse’s appearance and show the judge you’re a winner.

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