See Your Distances, PLUS Equine First-Aid Essentials

Geoff Teall shares 5 exercises to guide your horse to the ideal takeoff spot. BONUS: Create a well-stocked equine emergency first-aid kit.

There’s a common misconception that some riders are born with a great eye—the ability to guide your horse to the ideal takeoff spot—and others are not, says hunt-seat trainer Geoff Teall. In reality, all riders have the same ability to see a distance, he adds. The only difference is the degree of confidence we each have in our ability.

In this Practical Horseman Extra, Teall shares his system of 5 progressive exercises that will improve your confidence at seeing your distances. The key is to cultivate a discipline for riding the right line and pace for every situation.

BONUS! Be prepared to manage a minor injury or stabilize a serious wound until your veterinarian can arrive. Follow our handy checklist for what to include in a well-stocked emergency first-aid kit for your horse.

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