Practical Horseman Extra: Wofford on Learning to Gallop Safely • Tick-Borne Threats

Summer means more time to have fun with your horse, and what better way than to get some pointers on safely galloping him from eventing Olympian Jim Wofford. Unfortunately, warm weather also is the time for ticks to latch on to your horse, bringing with them the chance of infection and disease. In this issue, we cover both topics:

• Regular PH columnist Jim Wofford explains his “slow and safe” approach to learning to ride your horse at the gallop. He discusses galloping mechanics, how to start, learning to judge your speed and using the pulley rein.

• Linda Mittel, DVM and senior extension associate with Cornell University’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center, discusses two tick-borne diseases that are widespread in the United States—Lyme disease and equine anaplasmosis—and one that is rarer—piroplasmosis.

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