Cross-country Training

Bonnie Mosser Fly Fence

Learn to Gallop Cross-Country Fly Fences

Bonnie Mosser shares pointers on how to gallop “fly fences” comfortably out of stride.

Boyd Martin Upper Level Sunken Road-211

The Downs and Ups of Sunken Roads

Olympic eventer Boyd Martin helps you prepare your horse for this demanding cross-country question.

Boyd Martin Opening

Boyd Martin: How to Ride Sunken Roads, PLUS Cross-Tying Tips

An Olympic eventer helps you prepare your horse for this cross-country question. BONUS: Tips to teach your young horse to stand calmly in cross-ties.


Cross Country with Jim Wofford: One ‘Yeah, but …’ Leads to Another

Thought-provoking questions leave Jim contemplating the future of eventing.


Part 2: Selena O'Hanlon - Take it to the Bank

Canadian eventer Selena O’Hanlon explains how to produce the correct canter in the approaches to up and down banks and how to tackle on–off banks in Part 2 of this two-part series.

121025-Jim Book_DSC2945


The cross-country phase is why we do this sport. Here’s how to make the most of it.


Jim Wofford: Glorious Uncertainty

Jumping will always be a thrill.These tips from Jim keep it from being too much of a good thing.