Equine Ulcers

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Ryan Wood: Build Confidence Over Corners, PLUS Understanding Ulcers

A three-step plan to successfully introduce this cross-country obstacle to your horse. BONUS: Advice to recognize the signs of ulcers, treat the symptoms and keep this problem from recurring.

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Frequent Feeding May Minimize Ulcers

Researchers discovered that providing horses with frequent meals—a task that can be aided by automatic feeders—can help reduce the occurrence of gastric ulcers.


Sporthorse Star: Zeremonie's Health Care Routine

Get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes care and feeding regimen of Laura Kraut's partner Zeremonie, one of the world's top show jumpers.

There are a number of causes of bit chewing; it's up to you to rule out discomfort and anxiety and find the bit he's most comfortable wearing. Amy Katherine Dragoo

Help! My Horse Chews On The Bit

A reader says her horse chews on bit constantly. Find out several ways to fix bit chewing this from top hunter rider Liza Boyd.