Ryan Wood: Build Confidence Over Corners, PLUS Understanding Ulcers

Corner fences are a common element seen on nearly every cross-country course in America. Starting at Training Level, horses and riders need to be prepared to answer the questions that corner fences pose, including accuracy and responsiveness to your aids. These skills will not only help on cross country but in the show-jumping arena as well.

In this Practical Horseman Extra, top eventer Ryan Wood shares his progressive three-step plan to help build your horse’s confidence over corners:

Step 1. Develop the correct canter on the flat.

Step 2. Build a simulated corner in the arena to introduce the concept. Once the horse is comfortable with the first two steps, you can …

Step 3. Jump an actual corner on a cross-country course.

Follow this system and you and your horse will be confidently jumping corners in good form.

BONUS! Ulcers can be a common problem for many horses, especially those with active careers. A leading equine-ulcer researcher explains how to recognize the signs, treat the symptoms and keep this problem from recurring.

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