Eventing Training

Andrew McConnon and Wakita 54_Erin Gilmore Photo

How To Feel Strides Instead of Counting Them

Eventer Andrew McConnon favors this simple cavalletti exercise to help horses and riders develop their instinct and learn adjustability by feeling their strides, rather than counting them.

Boyd Martin Upper Level Sunken Road-211

The Downs and Ups of Sunken Roads

Olympic eventer Boyd Martin helps you prepare your horse for this demanding cross-country question.

Boyd Martin Win A Day Extra

Boyd Martin Clinic, PLUS Colic & Weather

The Olympic eventer works with riders to focus on rhythm, balance and position. BONUS: Tips to adjust your horse’s routine in variable weather to avoid colic.


Cross-Country Coffins

Lay to rest your—and your horse’s—fears about this challenging cross-country question.


Practical Horseman Podcast: Matt Brown

In this week's Practical Horseman Podcast, get to know top event rider Matt Brown. Learn about his unique background, training philosophies, top horses and find out how he overcomes challenges to stay focused on his goals.

Austin Skeens Eventing

Lessons from Leslie Law: Tips From the Eventing 18 Training Session

A young eventer shares riding tips he learned from Olympian Leslie Law during a recent Eventing 18 Training Session in Florida.


Cross Country with Jim Wofford: One ‘Yeah, but …’ Leads to Another

Thought-provoking questions leave Jim contemplating the future of eventing.

Marcea Funk 1

Joseph Murphy: Beyond the Comfort Zone

This Irish eventer instills confidence in riders by giving them the tools to challenge their limits on cross country.


Take it to the Bank

Canadian Olympic eventer Selena O’Hanlon describes her system for jumping cross-country banks smoothly and successfully in Part 1 of this two-part series.


Jim Wofford: The Competitive Conundrum

Thoughts on reconciling the demands of competition—when ‘they’ are keeping score—with classical training principles


Jim Wofford: Some Res … er, Wishes For the New Riding Year

Jim shares his thoughts on making your life with your horse even more beneficial to you both in the year ahead.


Ryan Wood: Build Confidence Over Corners

Top eventer Ryan Wood shares his four-step plan to successfully introduce this cross-country obstacle to your horse.


Jonathan Holling: ‘No Fairy Godmothers In This Sport’

An eventing professional treats his clients like part of the team.


Jim Wofford: Now's Your Chance

Going into an off-season quiet time, you can plan for a fitter and happier horse next time out.


Ditch Your Ditch Troubles with Kyle Carter

Use this Olympic eventing rider’s four-step system to train your horse—and yourself—to jump cross-country ditches successfully.


Jim Wofford: Glorious Uncertainty

Jumping will always be a thrill.These tips from Jim keep it from being too much of a good thing.

Jim Wofford: Gimme a K.I.S.S. promo image

Simplify Your Riding

Jim Wofford explains how to simplify, not stack, aids to improve your riding.

Cross-Country Lesson

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You need a clear understanding of classical riding theory to school horses effectively and measure your progress.