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Hoof Care & Shoeing

Shoeing Your Horse

Practical Horseman Extra: Sit the Trot or Not

Two questions covered in this month’s Practical Horseman Extra: Whether to sit or post the trot in a lower-level eventing dressage test and whether to put shoes on your horse or let him go barefoot.

carolina symposium conference room

6 Takeaways from the Carolina Equine Sports Medicine Symposium

Cutting-edge professionals present practical and innovative ideas for the equine athlete


To Shoe or Not to Shoe?

Determine whether to shoe your horse or let him go barefoot based on his individual needs.


The News About Shoes

Technological advances in horseshoes and innovative concepts in shoeing practices have given new hope for horses with hoof problems and lameness issues.

Credit: Cashel

Biting Flies = Lost Shoe?

The Added Benefits of Fly Protection for your Horse’s Legs