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Horse Health

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Tips to Get More Out of Your Veterinary Partnership

Horse owners need to take an active part in helping their veterinarians stay safe and happy in equine practice.


4 Health Issues to Watch For

Keep your horse at his best this summer by protecting him from heat, sun and bugs.


Protect Your Horse From Heat Stress

Safeguard your horse from this potentially serious summertime health threat.

Horsemanship 101: Track Your Horse's Health promo image

Horsemanship 101: Track Your Horse's Health

Grand-prix show jumper Debbie Stephens shows how to gather and record information on your horse's health and performance to take your riding to the next level.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Horse’s Health

In the latest Practical Horseman podcast episode, top groom Liv Gude shares tips on how to keep your horse healthy, happy and safe.

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Frequent Feeding May Minimize Ulcers

Researchers discovered that providing horses with frequent meals—a task that can be aided by automatic feeders—can help reduce the occurrence of gastric ulcers.


Jim Wofford: Some Res … er, Wishes For the New Riding Year

Jim shares his thoughts on making your life with your horse even more beneficial to you both in the year ahead.


Does variable weather cause colic?

Can wide-ranging weather conditions affect your horse? A top vet weighs in on this hot topic.


New Horse Headset Records EEGs

Researchers have developed a portable, non-invasive diagnostic tool for horses.

Music Soothes Horses

Tuning in to Soothe Stressed-Out Horses

Studies have shown that music can help reduce anxiety-related behaviors in horses.

Scott Wilson Equine Dentistry

Banish Imbalances in the Mouth

Learn how a balanced mouth can help improve your horse’s quality of life as well as boost his performance under saddle.

Health Update: Your Horse Knows When You’re Angry promo image

Your Horse Knows When You’re Angry

Horse owners often pick up on a horse’s cranky mood from his body language, and the latest research is showing that horses can also tell when a human is angry based on facial expressions.

Tight Nosebands May Cause Stress promo image

Tight Nosebands May Cause Stress

Studies have shown that too-tight nosebands on bridles can cause stress and other health problems for your horse.

Managing Equine Allergies promo image

Managing Equine Allergies

Equine allergies can be caused by a number of different agents. Find out about the signs, triggers and possible treatments.

A Lift For Broken-Leg Recovery promo image

A Lift For Broken-Leg Recovery

Researchers are working on the development and testing of a unique robotic lift system that would take the place of a traditional sling for horses with severe limb injuries such as a broken leg.

On the Injured List: Common Problems for Show Horses promo image

On the Injured List: Common Problems for Show Horses

Here are a few things you should know about some common injuries in hunters, jumpers and equitation horses.

Vesicular Stomatitis Alert promo image

Vesicular Stomatitis Alert

If you keep horses in the West or Southwest, a contagious viral disease called vesicular stomatitis should be on your radar.

Long-Haul Travel Risks promo image

Long-Haul Travel Risks

A new study suggests that shipping with professional drivers for long-distance travel can help reduce the chances of your horse getting sick or injured.

Evaluating Form and Function promo image

Evaluating Form and Function

A little geometry goes a long way in training your current horse or shopping for your next.

Why does my mare chew on the metal cross-ties after a treat? promo image

Why Does My Mare Chew on the Metal Cross-Ties After a Treat?

A vet offers an interesting explanation as to why a horse might nibble cross-ties after receiving a treat.

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Learn how horse-show organizers and competitors can team up to protect horses from contagious diseases.

Fighting Laminitis promo image

Fighting Laminitis

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

Get Him Fit promo image

Get Him Fit

Improve your horse’s cardiovascular health, muscular strength and suppleness to help him perform his best and reduce his chance of injury.

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Be Careful of Equine Calming Supplements

Phenibut, an ingredient found in some calming supplements can put you on the wrong side of U.S. Equestrian Federation drug rules