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Thinking Horseman Winter 2020

… But Look How Far You’ve Come

A reflection on the journey from the rider I used to be to the one I dream to become

Debbie Stephens Horsemanship

Horsemanship 101: Reach New Goals With a Positive Attitude

Grand prix show jumper Debbie Stephens explains how to achieve new goals with the right mindset.

Horsemanship 101: Track Your Horse's Health promo image

Horsemanship 101: Track Your Horse's Health

Grand-prix show jumper Debbie Stephens shows how to gather and record information on your horse's health and performance to take your riding to the next level.

Swimming with Horses Frank

Are You a Horseman—or Just a Rider?

Jim Wofford’s quiz may help you answer the question.

Joy Slater Carrier Maryland Hunt Cup

In Search of the Complete Horseman

Hunter/jumper, eventing or dressage—remember, they’re all parts of a whole.

Tik Maynard touching horse

Uncomplicated: An Excerpt from 'In the Middle Are the Horsemen'

Eventer and natural horsemanship advocate Tik Maynard studies the horse and human nature and how the two can find balance.


Maplewood Stables: Educating The Next Generation

The Maplewood Horse Industry Training Program is schooling future horsemen one day at a time through its two-year course.

Cross-Country Lesson

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You need a clear understanding of classical riding theory to school horses effectively and measure your progress.