Swimming with Horses Frank

Are You a Horseman—or Just a Rider?

Jim Wofford’s quiz may help you answer the question.

Joy Slater Carrier Maryland Hunt Cup

In Search of the Complete Horseman

Hunter/jumper, eventing or dressage—remember, they’re all parts of a whole.

Tik Maynard touching horse

Uncomplicated: An Excerpt from 'In the Middle Are the Horsemen'

Eventer and natural horsemanship advocate Tik Maynard studies the horse and human nature and how the two can find balance.


Maplewood Stables: Educating The Next Generation

The Maplewood Horse Industry Training Program is schooling future horsemen one day at a time through its two-year course.

Horsemanship 101: Track Your Horse's Health promo image

Horsemanship 101: Track Your Horse's Health

Grand-prix show jumper Debbie Stephens shows how to gather and record information on your horse's health and performance to take your riding to the next level.

Cross-Country Lesson

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You need a clear understanding of classical riding theory to school horses effectively and measure your progress.