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Horses In History

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Hoofprints Through History Part 2: Orphans Preferred

… in which Jim highlights some of the ways horses were central to all sides during the U.S. upheavals of the 19th century.

Comanche Horse Custer Last Stand

Jim Wofford: From Hoofprints to Tire Treads

It took only half a century for horses, which had been mankind's essential partner in war and commerce for millennia, to be supplanted in those endeavors by machinery ... even as they became indispensable for sport and companionship.


Hoofprints Through History

Jim Wofford reflects on a few of the countless instances when horses have been an intrinsic part of human history.

Jim Wofford: Horses and War promo image

Horses and War

Jim Wofford reflects on the horse's role in human conflict.