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Tricia Conahan


Liza Boyd's 6 Exercises to Nail Your Hunter Derby: Part 2

This derby star teaches you how to master rollbacks, ace your hand gallop and finish your hunter derby round with flair.

Louise Serio hunter rider El Primero

Louise Serio: ‘Let’s Go to Work’

This hunter/jumper veteran has created decades of success.


Hunter Derbies

Not just for the elite anymore

Joe Dotoli-31

Joe Dotoli: ‘I am Doing What I Love.’

Family and horses have been the focus for this USEF Lifetime Achievement Award trainer.

Laura Kraut WEG

Laura Kraut: Find Your Victories in the Process

This Olympic show jumper believes the journey is more rewarding than any win.


Training the Mature Hunter

Like people, horses need to “use it or lose it” as they age. Hunter rider and trainer Julie Curtin shares simple exercises to help keep aging horses strong, supple, balanced and interested in their jobs.


Ron Danta: ‘There’s a Real World Out There’

This accomplished trainer believes in looking beyond the next blue ribbon


Jonathan Holling: ‘No Fairy Godmothers In This Sport’

An eventing professional treats his clients like part of the team.

Fence 12 USHJADerbyChamp-7305

Hunting for Perfection

Riding Cuba, Tori Colvin faced a handy course designed for scope and smooth horsemanship at the 2017 USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship.


Kai Handt: ‘Never Blame the Horse’

This leading para-dressage trainer focuses on what each horse needs to do his job.


Andre Dignelli: “Life is a Competition”

This top trainer puts his best foot forward every day.