• Training Corner: How do I keep him still in the lineup? Problems such as a horse not wanting to stand still in the lineup at the end of a hack class can’t be solved with just one movement or one rein; they require diligence and a better overall awareness of how well you and your horse are communicating.

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Video: Ride the Trot Lengthening

If you're like many First Level dressage riders, trot lengthenings may seem to be a matter of talent--some horses lengthen more naturally and easily than others--or luck, as in the "unlucky" break to...

Article Archive

Brianne Goutal WIHS Clinic

by Jocelyn Pierce

Winners of the 2015 WIHS Barn Night Spirit Contest learn from clinician and grand-prix jumper Brianne Goutal.

A Fresh Look at Horse Fencing

by Elizabeth Iliff Prax

Whether you’re building a new fence or upgrading an existing one, this new system will help you make the best choices.

Video: Creating A Winning System with McLain Ward

McLain Ward | Photo by Sandra Oliynyk "Does your horse ever stop?" McLain Ward asked Carolyn Curcio after she had jumped a 2-foot crossrail in the center of the ring a few times. She...

Equine Melanoma Vaccine In the Works

by Elaine Pascoe

Scientists are working to create a therapeutic vaccine to treat equine melanomas.

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