• Health Update: Changing Your Horse's Diet Could Help Breathing Problems The combination of a low-dust diet and a supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids can help horses with chronic breathing problems and could even reduce their need for corticosteroids and other drugs, veterinarians have found.

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Webinar: Gymnastics To Solve Common Jumping Problems

This free webinar with eventing legend Jim Wofford and upper-level rider Sharon White will teach you exercises to solve the most common (and frustrating) jumping problems. From run-outs and drifting...

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Artist and Author a Favorite of Junior Riders at Midwestern Shows

by Jeannie Blancq

How one artist, author and all-around horse show helper is changing the lives of the next generation of riders.

Quick Tips for a Perfectly Packed Foot

Adapted with permission from "World-Class Grooming for Horses" by Cat Hill and Emma Ford, published by Trafalgar Square Books (www.horseandriderbooks.com) and available through...

What Makes a Winning Hunter Round

by Danny Robertshaw

A top hunter judge tells you what he’s looking for and how to achieve it.

Teach Your Horse Trot Lengthenings

by Bruno Greber

Two methods for teaching your horse to lengthen his trot stride without breaking into canter

Jumping Clinic with George Morris

by George Morris

George Morris critiques a rider's position.

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