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The Ins and Outs of In-and-Outs & Tips for Blanketing a Trace-Clipped Horse

Peter Leone teaches you how to jump in-and-outs confidently. Plus, pro groom Max Corcoran shows you how to blanket a trace-clipped horse.

5 - Ground Jury

Riders Welcomed to the Inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill

The inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill kicked off Wednesday with the CCI3* and CCI5* horse inspections.

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Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill • Dutton’s Tips for Drops

An inside look at the inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill. Plus, Phillip Dutton explains how to master a drop fence.


Build a Stronger Partnership with Your Horse

Eventer Emily Beshear shares how to adapt your training for different horses.

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Master Different Canters • Soundness Check

Learn about different types of canters and assess your horse’s physical state.

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Cross-Country Schooling Strategies • Senior Horse Tips

Identify goals to make the most of your cross-country schooling. Plus, special considerations for the senior performance horse.

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Build a Strong Base of Support

Learn six exercises that will help you improve your performance by developing your base of support.

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Practical Horseman Extra: 2 Exercises for a Better Hunter Round • 8 Grooming Tips

Judge and hunter rider Tom Brennan helps you wow the judge. Plus, eight tips to a beautifully groomed horse.

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55 Tips to Catch the Judge's Attention

Two USEF judges share insights to help you and your horse shine when you step into the show ring.

2020 Olympics, Belgium, Show Jumping, Sweden, Team Medal, Team USA, Tokyo Games

Photo Gallery: Show Jumping Competition in Tokyo

A photo recap of individual and team show jumping competition in Tokyo.

2020 Olympics, eventing, Podium, Team Medal, Tokyo Games-2

Photo Gallery: Eventing Competition in Tokyo

A photo recap of eventing competition at the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo


Sporthorse Star: Garant

Get to know Garant—the 10-year-old KWPN gelding who Beezie Madden hopes to take to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Boyd Martin, CCI5 Star, LRK3DE2021, On Cue, Photo by Julia Murphy, Show Jumping-2

LRK3DE CCI5*-L and CCI4*-S Day 4 Show Jumping Photo Gallery

A look at the champions of the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Ballaghmor Class, CCI5 Star, Cross Country, LRK3DE2021, Oliver Townend, Photo by Julia Murphy

LRK3DE CCI5*-L and CCI4*-S Day 3 Cross-Country Photo Gallery

A glimpse at day 3 of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event—the CCI5*-L cross-country phase.


LRK3DE CCI5*-L and CCI4*-S Day 2 Dressage Photo Gallery

A look at the second day of dressage at the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.


LRK3DE CCI5*-L and CCI4*-S Day 1 Dressage Photo Gallery

Here's a look at the top finishers at the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI5*-L and the CCI4*-S.


LRK3DE First Horse Inspection Photo Gallery

See the outfits that eventers wore at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event First Horse Inspection.


Practical Horseman Extra: Sandy Ferrell's Equitation Tips + Sporthorse Nutrition

Hunter rider Sandy Ferrell shares tips to fix your position to ride more effectively, plus veterinarians' advice to find the best diet for your horse.

Amanda Steege PH Extra

Practical Horseman Extra: Finesse the Flat Class • Track Your Horse’s Health

Learn these skills at home to help achieve a winning performance in the under-saddle class, plus tips to compile a record book for your horse’s health

Katie Prudent Podcast FB

5 Questions with Katie Monahan Prudent

Get the inside scoop on Practical Horseman’s latest podcast with legendary show jumper and top trainer Katie Monahan Prudent.

Tik Maynard Extra

Practical Horseman Extra: Build Your Ground Skills • Show Coats

Use natural horsemanship groundwork techniques to develop a stronger bond with your horse, plus updated designs and fabrics for show coats.

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Practical Horseman Extra: Lengthen His Trot Stride • Amino-Acids Report

Learn how to lengthen your horse’s trot stride, plus all about the importance of amino acids.

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Enter Practical Horseman's Virtual Hunter Over-Fences Class V

Rules, FAQs and how to enter Practical Horseman's virtual horse show

John French FB

5 Questions with John French

In the latest Practical Horseman Podcast, top hunter rider John French shares how his new partnership with Kent Farrington is working, his favorite training exercises and how he handles competition nerves.

Practical Horseman Extra Volume 18

Practical Horseman Extra: Sharpen Show-Jumping Skills • Equine Dentistry

An eventer’s guide to clear show-jumping rounds, plus banish imbalances in your horse’s mouth

PH Extra Senior Horse Training

Practical Horseman Extra: Training the Mature Hunter and Fix Crushed Heels

4 Exercises to keep your older horse fit, plus advice to treat underslung heels.

Build Bascule with Peter Pletcher

Build a Better Bascule • Hoof-Care Tips

Improve your horse’s hunter form, plus 10 strategies to promote hoof health.

Sharon White Build Rider Confidence

Practical Horseman Extra: Build Rider Confidence and the Pros and Cons of Roadwork

Eventer Sharon White shares how being a leader for your horse will improve your confidence. Also, a top vet shares the pros and cons of riding on firm footing.

Shoeing Your Horse

Practical Horseman Extra: Sit the Trot or Not

Two questions covered in this month’s Practical Horseman Extra: Whether to sit or post the trot in a lower-level eventing dressage test and whether to put shoes on your horse or let him go barefoot.

Braiding Opener WEF-18-0108-AD1a-722

Improve Rideability and Braiding How-To

Frank Madden shares an exercise to improve your horse’s rideability • Master a beautiful braid job

Kristy Herrera

Kristy Herrera: Control Your Pace on Course, PLUS 10 Action Tips for an Emergency

Top hunter rider Kristy Herrera explains how to build a mental speedometer to find better distances. BONUS: An emergency action plan to help get through a critical situation until the vet arrives

Boyd Martin Opening

Boyd Martin: How to Ride Sunken Roads, PLUS Cross-Tying Tips

An Olympic eventer helps you prepare your horse for this cross-country question. BONUS: Tips to teach your young horse to stand calmly in cross-ties.

Adrienne Lyle

Debbie McDonald: Build Trust As You Train, PLUS Senior Horse Health

This Olympic dressage rider explains how to build trust for your horse’s mind and balance for his body. BONUS: Understand the most common issues facing senior equines.

Boyd Martin Win A Day Extra

Boyd Martin Clinic, PLUS Colic & Weather

The Olympic eventer works with riders to focus on rhythm, balance and position. BONUS: Tips to adjust your horse’s routine in variable weather to avoid colic.

Geoff Teall Extra

See Your Distances, PLUS Equine First-Aid Essentials

Geoff Teall shares 5 exercises to guide your horse to the ideal takeoff spot. BONUS: Create a well-stocked equine emergency first-aid kit.

Nicholas Fyffe Guacamole under saddle

Nicholas Fyffe: Consistent Groundwork = Success in the Saddle, PLUS Equine Fitness

A better relationship with your horse on the ground translates into a better ride. BONUS: Advice to improve your horse’s fitness and health.

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Ryan Wood: Build Confidence Over Corners, PLUS Understanding Ulcers

A three-step plan to successfully introduce this cross-country obstacle to your horse. BONUS: Advice to recognize the signs of ulcers, treat the symptoms and keep this problem from recurring.

Collen Rutledge Galloping

Colleen Rutledge: Develop a Strong Galloping Position, PLUS Joint Health

A five-star rider explains her key to success—riding in balance. BONUS: Advice to manage joint disease to keep your horse moving freely.


What is the Most Important Trait You Look for in a Horse?

Riders share what they consider first when buying or leasing a new partner.

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Trimming Your Horse's Bridlepath

Make your horse look like a million bucks with this clipper touchup to his bridlepath and 10 safe clipping tips.


Horse Fly Spray Application: Put on Fly Spray the Right Way

Use these tips to apply your horse's fly spray (and other insect repellent formulas) for maximum effectiveness.