Margie Engle: 3 Exercises to Get Your Horse Fit

Olympian Margie Engle shares how she extends her jumpers’ careers without dampening their enthusiasm for the sport.

Olympian Margie Engle is always seeking ways to extend her mounts’ careers without making them mentally or physically sour. She avoids overdrilling them not just to prevent unnecessary stress on their legs but also because she wants them to look forward to their work with the freshest, happiest attitudes possible.

In this issue:

• Margie describes six lessons she’s learned to strengthen and condition horses while reducing their risk of injury as much as possible.

• She explains three exercises that she uses to keep her horses’ programs fresh and effective.

Also included, from our archives, the late Midge Leitch, VMD, gives time-proven paste deworming techniques to make sure your horse gets the entire dose.

This Practical Horseman Extra is brought to you by Equimax.

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