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Build Confidence in a Jumper Rider

A jumper coach shares a series of exercises to challenge you at home and prepare you for the competition arena.


A Grid for All Reasons

These successful trainers share a versatile gymnastic that will help all riders learn a multitude of jumping skills.


Polish Your Jumping Rounds

Upper-level rider Sinead Halpin shares her favorite cavalletti exercise to keep your horse confident.

Reiner Klimke Cavalletti PRHP-130900-PRACCL-001

Reiner Klimke & Cavalletti

From the Practical Horseman Archives, Olympic dressage gold medalist Reiner Klimke shows how this training tool can make you and your horse a more effective team.

Ingrid Klimke Cavalletti 3

Cavalletti Training for Every Horse and Discipline

Build your horse’s strength, coordination and the ability to think for himself with these cavalletti exercises on the longe and under saddle.

Charlie Jacobs Cassinja S 2017 Live Oak

A Gymnastic Exercise from International Rider Charlie Jacobs

Charlie Jacobs shares his favorite gymnastic exercises, designed to put him on the same page as his horse when he arrives at a competition after spending part of the week in his office.

Beezie Madden and Breitling LS at the CP Palm Beach Masters in Wellington, Florida.

Gymnastics from Olympian Beezie Madden

Olympic multi-medalist Beezie Madden shares a favorite gymnastic ‘jumping’ exercise.

Keep Your Horse Soft, Supple & Happy promo image

Keep Your Horse Soft, Supple & Happy

Use this hunter/jumper professional's system for keeping horses fit, loose and sound.