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Ask A Pro Samantha Burton Henley Q3: Protecting a Shiny Coat and Hooves

We asked Sam, how she protects her horse's shiny coats and hoof health when she opts to keep them turned out as much as possible.


Ask a Pro Q #2 with Samantha Burton Henley

We asked featured pro Sam, what her "olympic level" four major tips are when it comes to grooming and horse care, whether you're a local horse show circuit or coast to coast competitor.


10 Tools to Make Grooming Your Horse Easier

Product suggestions to help you groom your horse for better health and appearance.


Your Show Ring-Ready Guide

Make a strong first impression with this head-to-tail grooming guide for the show ring. Horse showing is a lot like NASCAR. Pre-competition primping starts the night before so that everyone is ready for the inevitable “hurry up and wait” of race day. Pit crews and drivers furiously work from a “war wagon” stocked with preferred tools and products for fine-tuning months and years of hard work.

Ask A Pro WF Young

Ask a Pro: Showstopping Tail

Hey Max, how do you achieve a showstopping tail?

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Groom Your Horse in Three Minutes

When it comes to the health and well-being of your horse, you never like to take shortcuts. But if you're pressed for time, here are a few tips from top eventing groom Emma Ford to help make your grooming sessions more efficient, while still being thorough and mindful.

Show-Day Turnout Tips promo image

Show-Day Turnout Tips | Grooming tips: Showing Edition

The manager of a top hunter/jumper barn, who also is a judge and competitor, explains how to make sure you and your horse shine when you step into the show ring.

Show Ring Shine: A Cheat Sheet promo image

Show Ring Shine: A Cheat Sheet

Here's what to include in your 'groom-on-the-go' kit.

As part of the process to get your horse used to clippers near his ear, slowly rub your way up his neck to his poll and then as close as you can get to his ear without upsetting him. © Paula da Silva/

How to Trim a Horse with Sensitive Ears

Hunter/jumper trainer Julia Seltz explains how to gain a horse's trust and get him accustomed to having his ears clipped.

Apply a Tail Extension promo image

Apply a Tail Extension

Learn how to securely add a toupee to pump up the volume of your horse's tail.

How do I ?select and use a cooler for my horse? promo image

How to Select and Use a Cooler For Your Horse

A professional groom discusses how to properly choose and use a horse cooler to dry your horse and keep him warm.

Horse-Selling Strategies in a Buyer's Market promo image

Horse-Selling Strategies in a Buyer's Market

Horse-sales specialist and rider Courtney Cooper explains how to promote your horse for sale in a buyer's market.


Clipping Horse Whiskers: Yes or No?

A reader asks how to get her horse to let her clip his whiskers. This expert says, "Don't!"

Before turning the clippers on, spread a think layer of clipper lubricating oil across the top blade. | Photos ? Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

Horse Clipper Care

Keep your horse clippers working their best by taking care of them before, during and after clipping a horse.

Practical Horseman's 2011 MEGA Tack & Apparel Guide promo image

<I>Practical Horseman's</I> 2011 MEGA Tack & Apparel Guide

Check out the newest tack and apparel products, including saddles, therapeutic pads, clippers & trimmers, tall boots, show breeches, safety vests and helmets.

Video: Laurie Pitts' Grooming Tips promo image

Video: Laurie Pitts' Grooming Tips

Make your horse gleam with former U.S. Equestrian Team groom Laurie Pitts' time-tested techniques. Video by Amy Katherine Dragoo for Practical Horseman magazine.

Body Clipping

Stress-Free Horse Clipping Tips

Gretchen Canova Gabor shares advice learned over 20 years of clipping hundreds of horses and ponies. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to clipping your horse safely, successfully and line-free.

Photos by Mandy Lorraine |

Trimming Your Horse's Bridlepath

Make your horse look like a million bucks with this clipper touchup to his bridlepath and 10 safe clipping tips.

| Photos by Mandy Lorraine

Add Vacuuming to Your Grooming Routine

Olympic groom Jo Long explains how to shorten your grooming routine (and have a cleaner horse!) with the safe, correct use of a vacuum cleaner. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

Grey Horse Bath

Keep Your Gray Horse Gleaming

Linda Murat, who groomed former Olympic silver-medal jumper Gem Twist, shares her method for keeping gray horses show-ring spotless.