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Ask a Pro Q #2 with Samantha Burton Henley

We asked featured pro Sam, what her "olympic level" four major tips are when it comes to grooming and horse care, whether you're a local horse show circuit or coast to coast competitor.

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Practical Horseman Extra: 2 Exercises for a Better Hunter Round • 8 Grooming Tips

Judge and hunter rider Tom Brennan helps you wow the judge. Plus, eight tips to a beautifully groomed horse.

Emma Ford Bang a Tail for FB

Bang Your Horse’s Tail

Pro groom Emma Ford shares her step-by-step guide for creating a fuller and neater tail.


Your Show Ring-Ready Guide

Make a strong first impression with this head-to-tail grooming guide for the show ring. Horse showing is a lot like NASCAR. Pre-competition primping starts the night before so that everyone is ready for the inevitable “hurry up and wait” of race day. Pit crews and drivers furiously work from a “war wagon” stocked with preferred tools and products for fine-tuning months and years of hard work.

Max Corcoran: Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro: Max Corcoran

Everyone in the equine world has their own secret sauce for all things horse care related. We asked our featured professional Max Corcoran what her go to strategies are.

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Groom Your Horse in Three Minutes

When it comes to the health and well-being of your horse, you never like to take shortcuts. But if you're pressed for time, here are a few tips from top eventing groom Emma Ford to help make your grooming sessions more efficient, while still being thorough and mindful.

Show-Day Turnout Tips promo image

Show-Day Turnout Tips | Grooming tips: Showing Edition

The manager of a top hunter/jumper barn, who also is a judge and competitor, explains how to make sure you and your horse shine when you step into the show ring.