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Hoof Care

Dr Tracy Turner Absorbine

Ask a Pro: Dr. Tracy Turner, DVM

We asked our featured equine veterinarian, Dr. Tracy Turner, what his thoughts were on several popular healthcare topics.


10 Tools to Make Grooming Your Horse Easier

Product suggestions to help you groom your horse for better health and appearance.

Shoeing Your Horse

Practical Horseman Extra: Sit the Trot or Not

Two questions covered in this month’s Practical Horseman Extra: Whether to sit or post the trot in a lower-level eventing dressage test and whether to put shoes on your horse or let him go barefoot.

WF Young

Ask a Pro: Hoof Care

Q: Hey Max, what’s one of your “all day, every day” horsemanship core practices?...Horsemanship starts with a solid foundation in care and training. Proper care of a horse’s hooves is especially critical since horses are built from the ground up. The hooves are irreplaceable, and farriers can only work so much magic.

Fly Spray

3 Summer Equine Health Issues and How to Avoid Them

Here are a few ways to combat these common equine health issues this summer.

Shoe for Soundness and Performance promo image

Shoe for Soundness and Performance

Correct trimming and shoeing are essential parts of horse care. Understanding their core principles will help you identify a job well done.

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How To Treat Your Horse’s Thrush

Dr. Stephen O'Grady, an equine vet and farrier, shares how to prevent and treat your horse's thrush.

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Buyer's Guide: Protective Horse Boots

Learn about the different types of protective horse boots and what to look for when buying.

Laminitis in Horses: Closing In on Better Care promo image

Laminitis in Horses: Closing In on Better Care

The latest in how and why the destructive disease laminitis develops and immediate and long-term treatment options


21 Sport Horse Conformation Questions with John Madden

Show jumping trainer John Madden answers your questions from his conformation evaluation webinar.

This horse's shoes were pulled two weeks ago, and his feet are in typical condition for a horse who has been newly barefoot for that amount of time. Even though your barefoot horse's feet will break apart and wear naturally, have your farrier trim him every four weeks.

Strengthen Your Horse's Feet By Pulling His Shoes

If winter weather or your competition schedule has you riding less, right now may be the perfect time to strengthen your horse's feet by pulling his shoes for a few months.

Red lines illustrate the multiple unhealthy angles this foot has developed. I replaced the horse's too-small shoes (upper inset) with rolled-toe heart-bar shoes (lower inset) so his feet can begin to grow at a normal angle (yellow line) that matches the slope of his pastern. | ? Practical Horseman

Underrun Heels in Horses

On a healthy foot, heel and toe grow from the coronary band to the ground at the same angle; when the angle of the heel is less than that of the toe (making it look flattened out), the heels are considered "underrun."

Sole of white horse hoof

Learn To 'Read' the Marks in Your Horse's Hooves

Do you know what all those marks in the soles of your horse's feet mean? Learn how to 'read' his hooves.


Get a Grip with Horse Shoe Studs

Event rider and trainer Wash Bishop explains the when, what and how of studs--and why they're not just for his sport. By Wash Bishop and the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

| ? Mandy Lorraine

Handling Hooves Safely

Farrier Dave Werkiser shows you how to pick up and clean out feet safely. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

Ten Hoof Care Tips to Help Keep Your Horse's Hooves Healthy and Strong promo image

Ten Hoof Care Tips to Help Keep Your Horse's Hooves Healthy and Strong

Farrier Chris Volk shows you 10 hoof care tips to help keep your horse's hooves healthy and strong.