Hunter Training


Hunter Riders: Equitation Counts!

Top hunter rider and trainer Sandy Ferrell shares exercises to fix your position and help you ride more efficiently.


Get “In the Zone” for Better Jumping

Learn how to allow your horse to jump without interfering for smoother rounds.

hunter rider

5 Show-Ring Tips to Help You Ace Your Hunter Rounds

Are you gearing up for show season? Here are a few tips from some of our favorite experts to help you and your horse perform your best hunter rounds.


Take Home the Blue

Two USEF ‘R’ judges offer tips on how to ride a winning hunter round.


Training the Mature Hunter

Like people, horses need to “use it or lose it” as they age. Hunter rider and trainer Julie Curtin shares simple exercises to help keep aging horses strong, supple, balanced and interested in their jobs.

Second Place Thermal Derby

Sporthorse Star: Center Court's Health Care Routine

Get up close and personal with "Billy," one of John French's top hunters.


Jumping Clinic with George Morris

George Morris critiques a hunter rider.


Ride Your Hunter Round Like a Pro

Wow the judge with this top hunter rider and judge’s show-ring tips. Part 1: Practice pace and turning to a line.

How do I get my high-headed hunter to be rounder? promo image

How Do I Get My High-Headed Hunter to Be Rounder?

Top trainer Jamie Mann shares tips on how to create a nice frame in the hunter ring.

Hunter Training Dos and Don'ts promo image

Hunter Training Dos and Don'ts

Hunter trainer Rick Fancher offers tried-and-true training tips for improving your horse's movement and conditioning.