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Dressage Training

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Solutions: How To Achieve an Uphill Half-Halt

Visualize how to achieve an uphill half-halt with this tip from Grand Prix rider Chrissa Hoffmann

Opener Lena Wedenmark

Align and Balance for a Better Ride

You’ll relax, feel your horse, know what aids you need and clearly communicate for a prompt, willing response.

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9 Tips from Dorothee Schneider

Two-time Olympian Dorothee Schneider shares training tips during the New England Dressage Association Symposium.

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Part 1: Rhythm with Ali Brock

Olympian Ali Brock explains the terms "rhythm" and "tempo" with a focus on rhythm.

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Peaking Your Horse's Performance

Three leading equine professionals weigh in on maximizing your dressage horse’s athletic performance with perfect timing.


Where Real Dressage Begins: Shoulder-In

Shoulder-in seems like a simple movement, but to this Grand Prix rider and trainer, it is the first real test of collection and engagement.

Michael Bragdell SenSation HW by Jennifer Bryant

Learning from the Leaders

The four official U.S. dressage trainers take the stage at the USDF Trainers Conference.


5 Dressage Tips from the Masters

Learn how to polish your flatwork and boost your dressage scores with these five world-class riders.


Laura Graves: Less Work, Bigger Reward

Olympian Laura Graves’ valuable dressage lessons for jumper riders

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Masterclass: 8 Tips with WEG Gold Medalist Isabell Werth

Dressage fans in southern California were treated to a recent clinic with renowned German dressage rider Isabell Werth. Here were the key training takeaways from the weekend.

How do I Shorten My Reins Smoothly After a Stretch?

Grand prix dressage rider Jaralyn Gibson shares how to properly readjust the reins after a stretch.

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Exercises and Advice from Robert Dover

Three riders share the lessons they learned on throughness, connection and more from this six-time Olympian.

Developing Collection Without Resistance

Top dressage judge and coach Karen Adams offers a positive approach to tackling the top of the Training Pyramid.

Lisa Wilcox

Lisa Wilcox: Coming Back to America

Olympian Lisa Wilcox melds European philosophy with U.S. self-determination to produce dressage superstars.

Heres How Sept

How can I make my circles rounder?

Top dressage rider and trainer JJ Tate shares an exercise to help you ride correctly shaped circles during your test.

Bruno Greber: Building  Communication Lines promo image

Bruno Greber: Building Communication Lines

A Swiss Riding Master shows how classical dressage techniques improve hunter/jumper training.

How to Sit the Trot

How To Sit the Trot Without Bouncing

A top dressage trainer offers helpful tips on how riders can master the sitting trot.

Hands Dressage

How Do I Teach My Horse to Stretch and Collect?

Dressage judge and trainer Maryal Barnett shares how to work methodically through the training pyramid.